Lissa & Nate - Our Fairytale

Lissa & Nate ~ Our Fairytale
marriage brings greater possibilities for happiness than does any other relationship. ~Russell M. Nelson

Saturday, December 5, 2009

About A Good Day

Last week we went to the temple and it was so wonderful. Every first Friday of the month our ward does sealings and Nate and I try to sign up as often as possible. We had two sealers this time and one of them happened to be the husband of the YW general presidency. Generally when we do sealings we are able to get all the work they have set aside for us done. Well this time we only got 3 sheets of names done. 3 sheets in 1 hour! There was a lot of instruction and teaching this time and I am so grateful for it. It got me started on thinking about the difference between obedience and faithfulness and how they are so intertwined yet so individually different and how I could really use a little more of both.

Monday, November 30, 2009

About Bud

First of all, I am adding a new segment to my blog called Accomplishment of the Week. I feel this will be uplifting on days that I have a bad day and encouragement to do better on already good days. So...

Accomplishment of the week: I made cookies on Tuesday and today (Friday) they are still SOFT! If you ever had my cookies as a child this is a HUGE improvement. I am cookie queen! Not really queen, but it's still a big accomplishment for me.

Wednesday night Nate and I went down to Orem to help Jen and Paul move. We left Bud with Courtni so he wouldn't be in our way and all was well. The move took a bit of time and we called to check up once or twice. During one of those calls we found out that Bud had been walking around the house all night. He would take a couple of steps and then fall, but would get right back up and try again. I was a little irritated at him for deciding to do that on one of the few nights we weren't around to see it. This video footage is from Thanksgiving day (the next day).

I can't believe he's growing up so fast! He's a very smart, sweet little boy and I'm Thankful that he's ours:)

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and appreciate the enjoyable time we had with our family and missed family we weren't with.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

About The Weekend

Well my computer is in the shop. Yep. It's sick. This wouldn't be such a horrible problem, but we just spent money on our car, so between the two we've spent almost $1000 we don't have. Ugh.

In the meantime, while the boys watch the BYU - Utah game (go Utes) at Nate's parents house I thought I would write a brief update on life in the McDonald household. I've got a post about Thanksgiving just waiting for a video to be uploaded before I post it, so this will be a post Thanksgiving update.

Yesterday was a really great day for us. We took the day slow, and although Nate had to run into school periodically through out the day we really didn't have any obligations and that was SO NICE. I didn't reach my goal to get the house organized before the Holidays but I only have my room left. I was really REALLY in the mood to work on projects, but I kept telling myself If I get my room done it will be done, and I'll have all kinds of time during the holidays to do projects. I struggled all day trying to get myself to do it, wandering in and out of it. At one point I put a Christmas CD on to keep myself from leaving it again, but then Nate got home and that ruined it all. Partially because of my lack of will, but mostly out of concern for my dying computer. I didn't know what the problem was and I NEED my computer. Sounds a little obsessive right? Well I'm not. I work part time from home and it's all computer work so no computer= no income.

We found out the hard drive is failing. Uh oh. So we took it to MacDocs and are having them back everything up before the change out the hard drive. I'm NOT excited about the cost, but again I NEED my computer.

When I got home I was no longer in the mood to fight what I really didn't want to do and started on a project... my dining room table. It's a standard pine table with black legs. I sanded it down hoping to stain the top a little darker but either I didn't sand it well enough or I'm not good at the whole stain thing. So I started painting it black. I really only need to sand it a little and do a second coat and then it will be finished. I think I like it.

I took a break and exercised on the gazelle I stole from my sister. (It was just going to be in storage for a couple of years anyway, might as well get used!) After a half hour I was done and in need of another project so I got my CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS out! We don't have a ton yet, and It's going to be one of those things we build upon every year, but still it always is fun to get out what we do have and put it up. I think it turned out nice and I will post pictures later.

I'm really excited that despite not having any money we will have a Christmas tree this year. I'm all about fresh trees, but earlier this year we found a fake tree that was distributed to the apartment property exchange program (thanks Ashley - I think). We took it and set it up to see if it had everything. It did, but it looked a little sad so I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep it. I did anyway figuring I would decide at Christmas time if we would use it or not. I'm SO glad we kept it since we can't afford a real tree. I really believe it was the influence of the Holy Ghost that made me keep the tree. I know it's not really important in the grand meaning of Christmas but I would have been sad if we didn't have one at all and Heavenly Father knew it. I finished decorating it this morning and with lights and ornaments it's not quite so sad as it first looked. I like it.

I think because my apartment is mostly clean I'm REALLY charged up for the Christmas season. I love the music and the hot chocolate and the snow and the colors and lights and decorations. I'm also excited for Bud as he was still very close to a vegetable last Christmas. I'm sure he won't quite get it yet, but it will still be fun.

Today - BYU vs. UT. GO Utes! BYU is ahead at the moment but the game isn't over and it's close.
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