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Lissa & Nate ~ Our Fairytale
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

About Sleep

Well I think we're getting somewhere with Champ. It took us a while to find a groove. With his colic it was near impossible to put him on a schedule, and by the time he got through it I wasn't sure where he should be with eating/sleeping because I hadn't read up on baby stuff as a refresher. Now I know to do that with the next child. I can't believe how easy it is to forget! On the 20th he turned 4 months and we went in for his checkup. Every checkup we get a little news letter (I suppose you might call it) about their age and developmental stage. I used that as a reference to how much he should be eating and how often, and how much he should be sleeping.

No one needed to tell me he should be sleeping through the night by now, my body has been screaming that at me for the last 2 months, but since he hasn't been I realize I can't just expect it now, we have to work our way into it. So I put my foot down. I insisted that he has to go at least 6 hours between feedings in the sleeping hours and if that mean he cried then that meant he cried. I ended up sticking him in the hall because he CRIED. By the time he exhausted himself into sleep he was still sleeping at 7:00 (I fed him at 12:30 the night before and he woke up at 4:00ish). So at 7:00 I woke him up, fed him and laid the groundwork for a schedule. Success!

Last night I fed him at 11:30 he didn't wake up until right before 6:00. I considered making him wait until 7:00 but realized I have to ease him into longer hours. So he ate and we both went back to bed and I am happy. I see a trend growing, and though two nights doesn't sound like a whole lot to make expectations he seems to catch on quick. I mean, he only cried for 1 night and then slept the next. I'd say that's pretty good. My world seems to be coming together, working for the happiness of my family. YAY! We are going to continue to try to get him to sleep a full 8 hours with no sleep, but we'll work slowly on that. I am happy.

Now if I could only get myself to go to sleep at a decent hour....

We try not to let him suck his thumb, but he is a thumb sucker at heart.
(just like his mom was)


  1. He's super cute!! Love that last photo. And good for you for sleep training. I'm just doing that now so you're a rock star!

  2. Good luck! I hope you get him on track. We have had the worst time with Livi and we would use a bottle to soothe her and then put her to bed. Now, (at nearly 18 months), she still wants a nightly bottle! AGH!

  3. yay! I so now how you feel, but I was dumb enough to let it go on for almost 6 months, until I was a walking zombie! Babies can be so hard, and they're all so different. I hope this is a good start and he just keeps getting better, it sounds like it. How is Clark doing with all of it?

  4. I have been horrible at keeping up with blogs, but just started reading again. So sorry to hear about the colic! Here's to hoping he is sleeping well now. I feel your pain. Maggie doesn't have colic but she does have acid reflux, which can screw up her sleep when it gets bad. Between that and Kali's night terrors, it's amazing I ever sleep. And with 2 kids you can't nap during the day anymore. Just know if you're up and tired with a crying kid, I'm right there with ya!


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