Lissa & Nate - Our Fairytale

Lissa & Nate ~ Our Fairytale
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

About Days 35 - 40

Well it's been a while since I posted and here's what I'm up (or rather down) to. I reached my wedding weight a couple of days ago and I'm still headed down. It feels so good! Haven't tried on my wedding dress, yet. Too busy.

We went on a road trip to MT over easter with Nate's family. We left friday after Nate got home from work and I had been so busy packing and getting ready I completely did not stop to make myself juice for the trip. That meant 9 hours in the car with only having had breakfast. Sometimes I'm a car muncher but sometimes I don't eat a lot at all on road trips because I figure I'm using so little energy just sitting there, I don't need to eat. So I drank a lot of water. It wasn't so bad until we stopped for dinner at subway. The temptation was terrible! I even got in line to order, but in the end I couldn't get day 61 one out of my mind, and how disappointed I would be if I had just one sandwich. So I stuck with water. The way back wasn't so hard. I had extra juice. For dinner we stopped for Mexican and that made me nervous. The appetizer chips, guacamole and beans looked the most tempting but in the end it wasn't so bad. I expected and overwhelming smell of yumminess when we walked in the doors of the restaurant, but there was not one. I expected the same overwhelming smell when everyone got their food but there wasn't one. I focussed on feeding the baby while everyone else ate and in the end it wasn't such a bad venture. Oh right, all the easter candy in the car on the way home killed a bit, but I didn't eat any.

Monday we went to visit with my sister all day because my bro who lives in MT happened to be visiting UT while we were in MT to visit Nate's bro. Luckily there was an overlap in traveling so we got to see my family too. We did a weenie roast for dinner. Mmmmm. I love roasting stuff so I made some hot dogs for other people. For dessert? S'mores. My sister was taking care of her baby so I took the liberty of making her s'mores. I'm quite the pro. The secret is to melt the mallow slowly and while you are melting the mallow you also melt the chocolate on a graham square close to the fire. Heaven! Well I had roasted a couple of marshmallows for kids and realized I couldn't use the fire to clean the stick because the stick got too hot for next mallow to stick properly to the stick, making it practically impossible to get a good even roast on the next marshmallow.

And here it is. My big confession.

So when i was making my sisters s'mores and needed to clean the stick off between mallows I just took the goo off with my finger and ate it. Yep. There it is, my big cheat. I consciously ate mallow goo. Her fire pit is at the back of a very long backyard and it was just too much effort to walk back to the house and wash the stick or my fingers off. Had I thought about it before, I would have had my sister clean the stick with her finger, but the thought hadn't crossed my mind. I don't feel bad either. I don't feel like this will taint my victory at the end. It was such a small amount and I didn't do it because I was giving into temptation, but rather I was being lazy about solving a problem.

At this point of my fast I feel as though I am mentally ready to be good to my body and chose foods that are good for my body. I don't crave sugar and am not tempted by so much anymore. I feel as though after this is done, if I wanted to eat just one cookie I could walk away at just one. I have the power to say no. So though I think I'm "cured", I do still have weight loss goals I would like to achieve, AND I did make a commitment to 60 days so I'm sticking to it. Being done mentally though makes things harder somedays. This challenge has so many different levels of hard! I thought it would just get easier, but instead the things that make it hard are just changing.

AND I am excited that my friend just completed a 10 day juice fast! We texted a lot while she did her fast and it was really nice to converse with someone who understood what I was doing. It was also nice to see the foods she pinned while she did her fast. She completely understands my food pinning fetish! She lost 10 lbs in 10 days and really has a desire to eat healthy now. I'm excited for her! Also she's amazing because she took a trip to Disneyland while on her juice fast and didn't cheat! Wow! Yay for Mindy!

Also, check out my sister's 30 day progress on her sugar fast. So happy for her! It was a good experience for her and if you're looking to make a step towards being just a little more healthy this is a great way to start. During this, Christa told me a lot about how much sugar she is learning is in processed foods. She had a friend who did a similar challenge, and lived by the following rule: if sugar is one of the first 3 ingredients listed, don't eat it. It's a great place to start.

Happy eating!

P.S. Can't believe I'm in the 130s!


  1. yay that's great! I can't wait to see a picture! I've gained a bit back after losing my baby weight. Guess I'm normally pregnant again by now so I put a bit back on just for the heck of it, lol. Maybe I should do a week fast or something to get those 5lbs off.

  2. 130s?? wow, that's amazing. i'm still dredging through the 150s. that's really cool. i'm impressed you've stuck with this so long. i don't know that i could have. i think 30 might have been my breaking point. but who knows. maybe one day we'll see, though i hope to get myself healthy enough before that that maybe just a 15 day reboot will be sufficient. we'll see. i'm very happy for you!


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