Lissa & Nate - Our Fairytale

Lissa & Nate ~ Our Fairytale
marriage brings greater possibilities for happiness than does any other relationship. ~Russell M. Nelson

Thursday, November 3, 2011

About Gratitude Day 3

I'm grateful for Champ. I'm grateful that he is such a smiley happy boy. I'm grateful that he enjoys chattering, and I'm grateful that he can take the hits his big brother throws his way. I love the kisses that he gives me. And I love that it's already him asking for kisses and not just me giving them. I'm in love with the little guy and I'm so grateful for the moments that I just get to hold him and enjoy him as a baby. I feel like he's growing up too fast yet at the same time I get excited with every bit of progress he makes. Soon he will be crawling and sitting up! He's got the sweetest little spirit. I just love him!

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