Lissa & Nate - Our Fairytale

Lissa & Nate ~ Our Fairytale
marriage brings greater possibilities for happiness than does any other relationship. ~Russell M. Nelson

Sunday, March 11, 2012

About Day 10

Well I made it to the double digits and it wasn't easy, but I did it. Little victory!

Even better than that little victory is this BIG little victory.... I weigh less than my husband!!!! YAY!!!!!! Now I'm ready to turn that into a sizable gap:)

I laid in bed this morning, happy about the milestone I accomplished, and I realized... I'm doing this! This isn't something that's happening to me. This is ME CHANGING MYSELF! That is such a powerful feeling. I hope it carries me through the rest of this journey:)

10 days~ total weight loss = 8 1/2 lbs.

Bring on the next 10 days!


  1. 8.5 pounds?? wow, go you!! that's so freakin' cool. and i know what you mean about weighing less than your husband. i'm trying to turn mine into a sizable gap too. i'm so very happy for you. :D

    1. Thank you! I'm pretty excited about it myself:)

  2. That's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Rock it out!!!


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