Lissa & Nate - Our Fairytale

Lissa & Nate ~ Our Fairytale
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

About Day 3

I love marking the days off on my calendar. I have 57 more days I get to put and X on!!! Yay! (57!?)

I'm learning that with my recipes simple is best... kinda like the old adage says, "Keep it simple stupid." I can get a good tasting juice with just 4 or 5 veggies and fruits. I don't need bits of everything.

I didn't really organize myself very well when I started this. I just kind of went to the grocery store and threw stuff in my cart, including some stuff I'd never used before... like leeks. BAD IDEA! I have looked through a lot of the recipes on the reboot site and I'm pretty sure every recipe I've been missing ingredients for. Therefore I've been left to make up my own, and being new to this, it isn't really ideal. Most of them have been ok but I question if the recipes on the site are any better.

SO next time I go shopping I will be prepared for with a grocery list of items I need from specific recipes I'm interested in trying. To start in preparation for my next shopping trip, here is my grocery list for the 5 day reboot program broken up according to vegetables/fruit... Some items aren't exact numbers, but I'll be able to do a better estimate with veggies in hand at the grocery store.

Take it. Use it. Love it.

Because right now I am making up the recipes as I go and I did have 1 bad experience I have been tasting each individual juice as I juice it. I really like carrot juice and tomato juice and of course the fruit juices as stand alone juices. (No surprise there) I found I like Yellow bell pepper as well. Red is ok, but nothing special. Spinach and Kale... yuck. They are both kind of bitter so it's a good thing they mix well with other juices.

I don't have a very refined pallet BUT I'm hoping this will help me as I combine flavors. It's been fun getting familiar (and reacquainted) with the taste of the different vegetables.


  1. I haven't really juiced but I have made a few green smoothies for Parker and I've found with the spinach as long as you don't go over board with it and put in sweet fruit like pineapple or pears it's not too bad, but I'm sure you've figured that out. Good luck, keep on going!

    1. I will have to start doing that for Clark. For this fast I should keep my juices about 80/20. Mostly veggies:)

  2. i hope you're keeping good track of the really good ones you make, because i'm expecting a recipe book when all this is said an done! well, at least a PDF anyway. ;)

    1. The really good ones I'll post on the blog. Maybe I'll make a "page" for them. Seriously, I struck gold with the Spaghetti Juice. I mean, it doesn't taste exactly like spaghetti sauce (for obvious reasons), but the basil really makes me think it does. So far that's the only recipe I've made worth mentioning.


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