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Lissa & Nate ~ Our Fairytale
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Monday, March 12, 2012

About the Family Dinner

I've said it before, but the biggest reason I'm doing this juice fast is because I'm a sugar addict. Nate and I were talking about the different programs Reboot has and he asked me why I'm doing it for 60 days if 10 days is a long enough time to "reboot" your system. The answer to that is simple. Ten days is not enough time to turn me from the sugar addict I am to having healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle. It's all about retraining the tastebuds, and I know me. Ten days is NOT enough time. (As evident from some things I've still been pinning.)

In addition to juicing though, I think one of the keys to doing this is educating myself along the way so I am prepared to continue eating the right food for my body, and start making the right meals for my family~ so I have been reading too. Today I read this article. I love the tips at the bottom of it on how to take back the family dinner, particularly these ones:

"Reinstate the Family Dinner
Read Laurie David's "The Family Dinner". She suggests the following guidelines: Make a set dinnertime, no phones or texting during dinner, everyone eats the same meal, no television, only filtered or tap water, invite friends and family, everyone clean up together."

Growing up we mostly ate at the dinning table and if we at in front of the TV it was a fun family occasion. We also only drank water and if someone called during dinner most of the time we would answer the phone and let them know we would call them back. Oh and the idea that my mom would cook different meals for picky eaters is laughable.
"Eat Together
No matter how modest the meal, create a special place to sit down together, and set the table with care and respect. Savor the ritual of the table. Mealtime is a time for empathy and generosity, a time to nourish and communicate."

I like this one. We also always had a very well set dinner table growing up. Not fancy mind you, but everything we would need during the course of the meal was on the table before we were all sitting for prayer. It was nice not to be jumping up and down because something was forgotten. Setting the table was one of my chores so you would think I would be better at it then I am in my own home. I'm going to start making this a special practice again. That means not using the table as a clutter catcher anymore. I used to visit someone that always had her dining room table set. It was beautiful and looked very clean and inviting.
"Learn How to Cook and Shop
You can make this a family activity, and it does not need to take a ton of time. Keep meals quick and simple."

I don't know how to do this without it taking a lot of time... ESPECIALLY with the family. Nate and I generally do go shopping together though. I simply need more practice and more organization. Something else I will be working on.
"Plant a Garden
This is the most nutritious, tastiest, environmentally friendly food you will ever eat."

Growing up we had a garden, and someday when I have a house and the space for it I will have one again. I've been pinning stuff on my "garden party" board in preparation for that day.
"Invest in Food
As Alice Waters says, food is precious. We should treat it that way. Americans currently spend less than10 percent of their income on food, while most European's spend about 20 percent of their income on food. We will be more nourished by good food than by more stuff. And we will save ourselves much money and costs over our lifetime."

Ah money. If I had it, this part would be easy for me. I also love the reminder that STUFF is not nourishing, not in any sense of the word.

I'm grateful I have a mother who prepared dinner for us. And though I'm not great at it for my own family, I know what it feels like and looks like because of her.

The other thing I need to do is learn how to get my kids involved in mealtime. Last week I learned that letting your child help with preparation makes them more likely to eat dinner!


  1. I've been saying I'd love to have a garden...above ground garden boxes that are heated would be great for year round veggies! And I agree about spending more on food...good food. I've started buying our meat from a local farmer and our fruit and veggies and dairy from the farmers market. Fresh and local is a bit more expensive but so worth it! I've stopped stocking up on junk so much and stuff on sale that I ended up normally throwing out. In the long run it saves money!

    1. It is SO worth it! I'm thankful for your honesty that it's more expensive to buy local. So many people say it isn't and I just don't believe that. Are you in a house or an apartment? I am SOOO ready for a house!

    2. In an apartment still....seems endless! I am ready for a house. When I watch home hunting shows and they are complaining about how small things are, I'm like really I have a fan of 5 in an apartment!

    3. That's rough! I hope you get into a house soon! I know what you mean about feeling endless. I feel that way too.

  2. I loved this article! I even told Matt about it. I found it on That's a good place to start with whole foods and great ideas for foods for your kiddos. You're doing a fantastic job! xo

  3. I involved Link in meal planning a couple of weeks ago and he ate everything he had helped plan. It was amazing! I need to remember to do that more often.

    1. I'm so excited to hear that! I have been trying to not be so uptight about having Bud in the kitchen with me. I definitely need to give it a try!


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