Lissa & Nate - Our Fairytale

Lissa & Nate ~ Our Fairytale
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Friday, March 9, 2012

About Day 9

Yesterday I had a bad day. (I did get the kitchen and dining room scrubbed though) I didn't feel very good about myself so I didn't want to post. BUT today has been much better. Despite my bad day I have not cheated. Tomorrow will be day ten and I feel great! I think I've realized one of the triggers to a bad day vs. a good day is what I've got in my fridge. If I'm left with veggies that I'm not a fan of I feel like this challenge is going to be long an hard. When my fridge is full of better tasting veggies with a variety of what to make I don't really think much about what I'm doing and just do it.

I'm glad I'm getting to know what I like to eat better, but I wish I liked a bigger variety. I don't see how I'm going to maintain this eating style if I only have a small amount that I actually enjoy eating. I'm going to continue to keep trying new recipes. I will cross out the ones I don't like and start repeating the ones I do.

I strained my juice once to see what it would be like if it weren't so thick. It was better, but the pulp looked so healthy and nutrient filled that I put it back in. I had planned on not straining anything again, but then I discovered some juices are not pulpy, they are grainy. NOT a fan of the grainy juice. Those I strain. Beets make a grainy juice as do radishes. Speaking of beets... LOVE the color! Equally dislike the taste.

Breakfasts are great, they are my favorite. I LOVE fruit, always have and I see no problem juicing for breakfast for the next 51 days (at least!). I don't follow recipes at breakfast time, I just throw a bunch of different fruit in and always love what I end up with. Today I had a great ruby red grapefruit juice mixed with a plum, kiwi, apple (I think). I don't really remember. It was just SO GOOD! And pink. I liked that it was pink. Much prettier than green:)

So, energy is up. Still waking up at or before 7:00 every day and even working out. I worked out every day this week and did an ab work every other day. My tummy is getting flatter! Not that I need to say this, but it's encouraging.... VERY encouraging to see and feel that it's not sticking out there quite so far.

Day 10, here I come:) (I think I forgot to cross of day 8... must do that!)

Oh, and I had another dream about cheating.... This one involved some FIERCE finger licking of peanut butter and something else really delish. I felt bad when I realized I had forgotten.

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